Case Management Services

ICM helps clients determine the most appropriate and cost-effective way to treat injured or ill employees and get them back to work.

When ICM is engaged early in the process, the injured worker recovers faster which lessens the impact on productivity and ultimately saves the company money.

Our case managers are local, know the treating medical teams and truly understand the optimum course of action.

We tailor programs to meet the specific needs of each case, selecting services which can be employed individually or in combination to achieve recovery goals.

Services include:

Field Case Management

ICM's case manager meets with the injured or ill employee in person and on an as needed basis throughout the recovery process. The case manager attends physician appointments and has direct contact with others who are involved in patient care. Field case management ensures the employee remains engaged in the healing process, stays connected to the workplace, and understand the overall recovery plan.

On-Site Case Management

The greatest risk to the injured employee and the company is the amount of time between the accident or illness and treatment. Without immediate action, the employee can develop a disability mentality which can lengthen or derail recovery. On-site case managers provide immediate care, work at an employer's location and typically perform both field based and telephonic tasks. They provide medical management and vocational rehabilitation services, and become seamless members of the employer's disability management team.

Catastrophic Case Management

ICM assigns a highly qualified specialized team experienced in managing catastrophic injuries for the affected worker and family members, including life care planning, long-term cost impact analysis and medical and vocational care.

Vocational Case Management

When an injured worker is unable to return to the job, ICM prepares the employee for opportunities in alternative careers. Rehabilitation is focused on maximizing physical capabilities and acquiring new work skills.